Real-Time Care Coordination across Arizona

by Mike Hunter

The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association’s partnership earlier this year with PatientPing, the nation’s most comprehensive care coordination platform, was part of its efforts to improve patient care outcomes across the State of Arizona. The statewide partnership, coordinated through AzHHA’s Affiliated Partners Program, connects all AzHHA’s member hospitals and … [More]

Balance Therapy: New Approach to Increase Productivity at Work

by Scott Bahneman

Did you know that sitting at a desk all day can actually be worse than smoking or eating donuts? Just think about how much time you spend each day in the sitting position. Don’t forget to include the time you spent commuting back and forth, the time spent at your desk, time spent sitting down for various meals, as well as any time spent watching TV or reading. Unfortunately, … [More]

Arizona Facial Plastics – Leader in Regenerative Aging

by RaeAnne Marsh

Arizona Facial Plastics specializes in regenerative aging to help clients feel and look their best. In addition to facial plastic surgery and facial rejuvenation therapies that include lasers, microneedling and a skin-care line, the company offers a platelet-rich-plasma therapy for face, skin and sexual health. Named “Me.Serum,” this prescription potion is customized for each … [More]

Mental Well-Being Has Workplace Value

by Jeff Kirke

Creating a work environment that fosters employee productivity is forefront in the minds of many employers I work with in the Phoenix area. While productivity is important, how employers approach it can be different. A holistic approach to employees and their well-being can help create a more productive workforce. Mental well-being plays a significant role in an individual’s … [More]

Data and Analytics for the Right Care to the Right Patients at the Right Time

by Mark Schippits, M.D.

Data and analytics are the operative words in healthcare. The challenge is no longer getting information but, rather, figuring out what to do with it. Arizona Care Network has found a way to harness Big Data to help its nearly 6,000 physician partners prioritize care for patients who need them the most. ACN developed a proprietary algorithm to stratify patients according to … [More]