Corporate Culture & Employee Retention

by Ofir Paldi

Good companies invest in their employees. The reason is obvious. Happy employees tend to hang around and provide a return on that investment. But when it comes to employee retention, are companies investing in the right thing? In the Silicon Valley, the latest statistics show a new trend — one of unrest and high turnover. New employees stay on the new job between 1.8 and … [More]

Message Received

by Mike Hunter

Each generation in the workforce today — baby boomers, Gen X, millennials and Gen Z — responds differently to different styles of leadership and communication. Message Received provides an actionable plan that readers can use to optimize communication within departments and among teams. Author Mary Donohue delivers a seven-step solution for motivating and inspiring people who … [More]

Successful Succession in a Family Business

by Henry Hutcheson

It’s wonderful to be able to work with your children and imagine them taking the reins some day. But it requires a careful strategy. Seventy percent of all businesses are family businesses in the United States, but only two thirds survive past the first generation. Why? There’s a myth surrounding family businesses that sets them up for failure. If you want your children to … [More]

Ops for Giving Back Foster Next-Gen Leadership

by Mike Hunter

CariClub helps firms keep their employees fulfilled and attract top talent by providing them with associate board positions across philanthropic organizations. It is a unique online platform, strategically positioned at the intersection of corporate citizenship and professional networking, that helps firms connect with their millennial workforce and provides an avenue to help … [More]

Beyond Performance 2.0

by Mike Hunter

Leaders aren’t short on access to change management advice, but the jury has long been out as to which approach is the best one to follow. With the publication of Beyond Performance 2.0, the verdict is well and truly in. By applying the approach detailed by authors Scott Keller and Bill Schaninger, leaders can more than double their odds of success — from 30 percent to almost … [More]