Online: Instant Cost Segregation Quote

by Mike Hunter

Scottsdale-based RCG Valuation & Monetization recently unveiled an instant cost segregation quote feature on its website. “This tool can help you generate the right information needed to maximize your investment potential. A cost segregation can be the difference between a successful real estate venture and a failed one,” says Scott Roelofs, owner of RCG Valuation, which … [More]

Phoenix Gets 5G from AT&T

by Mike Hunter

As of the beginning of last month, AT&T has brought mobile 5G service live in parts of Phoenix. 5G+ service is provided over high band spectrum and offers extra speed and capacity to serve high-traffic areas. 5G is not only about how fast phones can transfer data, but also about how quickly they can process and respond to data, called “lag time” or “latency.” Currently, … [More]

Optimize Time/Place for Meetings

by Mike Hunter

Aiming to make all meetings easier to “Join / Control / Analyze,” meetings technology provider Synergy SKY offers trailblazing yet user-friendly software for all business meetings. “Our systems are built to monitor efficient usage of business facilities and equipment with the goal of allowing employers to better optimize the extremely expensive real estate that is provided … [More]

Technology Impacts the Traditional 9-5 Workday

by Matt Thomas

There was a time when the traditional nine-to-five work schedule was a governing model of a day’s work. With the rise of the gig economy, nine-to-fives are dying and companies are feeling the effects. In fact, about 36 percent of U.S. workers are now considered freelance workers. Companies need to do their best to keep their employees engaged or they risk losing them to the gig … [More]

Front Expands to Greater Phoenix

by Mike Hunter

Front, the company replacing corporate email with an inbox built for teamwork, will create up to 50 new jobs in Greater Phoenix in 2020. With offices in San Francisco and Paris, the company considered multiple markets for its expansion, including Salt Lake City and San Diego, but ultimately selected Greater Phoenix due to the region’s competitive costs to do business, the … [More]