To Better Serve the Hispanic Community, Translation Must Be More than Literal 

by Mike Hunter

Plexus Worldwide™, a leading direct-seller of health and wellness products worldwide and a company that focuses on health and happiness, recently announced a formal initiative to better serve the diverse Hispanic community in the United States.  Doing much more than just translating literally all materials, Plexus is making sure each release is being uniquely reviewed to … [More]

Smart Email Emigrates from New Zealand

by Mike Hunter

“When we decided to expand our business to the U.S., coming to the Phoenix metro area was a no-brainer,” says Nick Lissette, founder, of Black Pearl Mail’s move from New Zealand to Scottsdale. “Arizona is a very business-friendly state with amazing talent; plus, it’s an amazing place to live. The people who make up the business and tech scene in the Valley have the grit, … [More]

A/C Rising

by Mike Hunter

Air conditioning in the Valley of the Sun is hardly an optional expense for workplaces any more so than for homes, and businesses may feel a financial impact of a new regulation from the EPA scheduled to go into effect next January 1. Recognizing that hydrochlorofluorocarbon-22, also known as R-22, depletes the Earth’s protective ozone layer, the Environmental Protection … [More]

Recognition Can Be a Snap

by Hani Goldstein

Snappy is an innovative employee recognition and incentive platform. It allows companies and managers to send a collection of thoughtful gifts to team members with a click of a button, helping employees feel appreciated and motivated at work. Snappy sources the best products and experiences from leading brands and retailers to be able to offer each recipient a personalized … [More]

Facilitating an Investor-Entrepreneur Fit

by Mike Hunter

RateMyInvestor provides a free, secure and vetted review platform that’s data-rich to aid both founders and investors in their decision making. It was founded by Austin Stofer, who recognized sometimes investors find little research to augment their gut instinct about a company while entrepreneurs encounter similar challenges searching for that ideal venture capitalist. Built … [More]