Human Transcribers Help Startups Reach Audience

by Kristina Skindelytė

According to marketing experts, one of the biggest reasons that only 25 percent of startups succeed is the others do not fully comprehend their Ideal Customer Profile — the demographic and psychological makeup of their target clients. This misunderstanding means that many startups often adopt a one-size-fits-all communication strategy, which does not factor in foreign … [More]

Kaleidoscope Juice Moves East

by Mike Hunter

Marking a change in its retail operation, local juice and health food company Kaleidoscope Juice is including a baking production area in the new store it opens this month in Gilbert. “We wanted to bring the baking experience into our shop to showcase what we have always done behind the scenes,” says Alexandra Maw, founder and co-owner. The onsite baking area enables the … [More]

Online: Instant Cost Segregation Quote

by Mike Hunter

Scottsdale-based RCG Valuation & Monetization recently unveiled an instant cost segregation quote feature on its website. “This tool can help you generate the right information needed to maximize your investment potential. A cost segregation can be the difference between a successful real estate venture and a failed one,” says Scott Roelofs, owner of RCG Valuation, which … [More]

Phoenix Gets 5G from AT&T

by Mike Hunter

As of the beginning of last month, AT&T has brought mobile 5G service live in parts of Phoenix. 5G+ service is provided over high band spectrum and offers extra speed and capacity to serve high-traffic areas. 5G is not only about how fast phones can transfer data, but also about how quickly they can process and respond to data, called “lag time” or “latency.” Currently, … [More]

Optimize Time/Place for Meetings

by Mike Hunter

Aiming to make all meetings easier to “Join / Control / Analyze,” meetings technology provider Synergy SKY offers trailblazing yet user-friendly software for all business meetings. “Our systems are built to monitor efficient usage of business facilities and equipment with the goal of allowing employers to better optimize the extremely expensive real estate that is provided … [More]