Risking: The Heart of Daring Leadership

by Eileen Rogers

Vulnerability is not a concept I learned in business school. Nor, for that matter, theories about soft skills such as self-awareness, risk, emotional IQ, shame or courageous leadership. Yet, for today’s leaders to be relevant, effective and impactful, these ideas must become part of our everyday vocabulary and being. “Command and control,” “armored leadership” and/or fear … [More]

Competitors Build on Collaboration

by RaeAnne Marsh

“I've definitely realized that there is more than enough business to go around,” says Dallin Harris, founder and president of Skyhook Interactive, discussing an “agency forum” group he takes part in within a larger business owners’ organization. It’s an unexpected assembly. Explains Harris, “In normal EO [Entrepreneurs’ Organization] forums, we try to stay away from our … [More]

Avnet Cares, Accelerating Community Growth

by Tyler Butler

In today’s fast-paced world, time has become the most valuable of assets. As demands on schedules become more and more taxing, the one asset we are not able to replenish, time, has become a preferential way for companies and individuals to give back. Since the company’s inception in 1921, helping others through service has been an integral component to Avnet’s company … [More]

Merging Culture and Strategy

by Bruce Weber and Charlie Smith

Previous articles explored the concepts of capacity as the ability of an organization to perform and the importance of creating a culture where high-performance teams deliver mission and impact to all stakeholders. With these in place, all is operating well. But can success be sustained as the future is navigated? This requires thinking and acting strategically. For many, … [More]

Successfully Leverage Business Partnerships and Relationships

by Ben Smith

To launch, a business needs time and capital; but to genuinely scale, partnerships become equally as important. This has become a forced reality in a day when competition is now global, not just local. For business leaders, it means mastering and leveraging the resources outside the company as well as within. To lead successfully, knowing what is available, how to ask and how … [More]