Creating a Creatives’ Space

by RaeAnne Marsh

 Michelle Biely, owner of The Creative Center of Scottsdale, describes the business she founded in 2014 as a co-working space for messy artists. “This is a place where painters, sculptures, clothing designers, hat makers, stained glass window makers and any other artists who make a mess can come and be part of a community,” she… [More]

Bringing Drones into Field of Financial Analysis

by RaeAnne Marsh

Scott Roelofs, CFA, ABV, founded RCG Valuation & Monetization in September 2017 to help small to medium-sized businesses grow and monetize through advanced financial analysis and specialty tax planning. “I found that my opportunities as a financial analyst were limited to either publicly traded companies or private equity. I have always been fascinated by business… [More]

Serving the Female Market: The Venus Vault

by RaeAnne Marsh

The Venus Vault Show host Syndeelou Jones and cohost Craig MatthewThe Venus Vault LLC is a media company that has developed a media platform which produces engaging content through radio, podcast, print, services and products — intended to uniquely serve the female market. Founder Syndeelou Jones says her biggest challenge was taking something that felt… [More]

Powering-Up Lobos Electric

by RaeAnne Marsh

Founded this past June by Migdol Lobos and Damacely Lobos, Lobos Electric serves home and business needs in electrical connections and smart solutions in electrical installations, maintenance, service upgrades, outlets, LED lights, trouble shooting, appliances, pool and patio power and more. CEO Migdol Lobos, who has a post-graduate degree in electrical engineering from the Technological… [More]

Mobility Solution Faced Challenges in Manufacturing and Marketing

by RaeAnne Marsh

The off-road mobility vehicle was a life-changer for wheelchair-bound Todd Lemay (who suffers from brittle bone disease). “I purchased a TerrainHopper for myself from the UK. It allowed me to go places I had not been able to go before, and the positive reaction from people when I was out in it was overwhelming. …… [More]

TAP AZ Gives Financial Guidance to New Nonprofits

by Zac Dunn

One good idea can change the world, but it’s the power to execute it that makes all the difference. For Arizona Facts of Life, a nonprofit that helps young women find healthy solutions to life’s challenges, founder Yolanda Robinson knew the impact she could make if only she had the resources and the know-how. But… [More]

Rango Honey: Social Mission as Business Model

by RaeAnne Marsh

Founded in 2015 on what company president Jason Zimmerman describes as a “simple and pure promise – to offer only the highest-quality raw, natural honey from the Sonoran Desert,” Rango Honey has grown to the point where it now harvests raw honey and bee pollen from more than 1,500 hives located throughout the Sonoran Desert. … [More]

Fullbay: Full Care for Truck Shops

by RaeAnne Marsh

“No one cares about truck shops. For the most part. But we all share the road with the heavy-duty trucks these shops take care of,” observes Jacob Findlay, founder and CEO of Fullbay, which fills the previously neglected niche. He created Fullbay to bring these shops into the 21st Century with a cloud-based platform. The… [More]

Shoes Power Up Body and Spirit

by RaeAnne Marsh

Athalonz, a 2014 startup based in Mesa, offers first-of-their-kind shoes as a wearable tech product in a field that includes the Apple Watch, Antelope Sportswear and Motus Baseball Sleeve — notable gadgets that have been made to monitor and boost an athlete’s health and performance. Athalonz shoes use physics and kinematics to maximize athletic performance,… [More]

Courses for Entrepreneurs – Online and Free


There is a wealth of sources available to help entrepreneurs. Business incubators and accelerators — and free online courses from prestigious institutions such as MIT and other respected colleges and professors, for experience that ranges from first-time startups to seasoned entrepreneurs. The following are five of the “30 Free Online Courses for Entrepreneurs” compiled by… [More]